Landlord & Tenant Law

Whether you have a lease in place or not, both landlords and tenants must follow a set of laws on how they conduct themselves. Most landlords and tenants enter into an agreement to rent an apartment with good intentions. Sometimes this business relationship goes wrong and you need to terminate the relationship or force the other party to perform a necessary action.

Landlord Representation

When you have a tenant that is not paying, destroying your property, or being a nuisance to the other people in the building, it is time to evict them. Sometimes a landlord is "stuck" with a very bad tenant, but a good landlord will remember that it is not personal it is business. If you need assistance evicting a tenant who is not paying their rent or is otherwise breaching your oral or written contract, contact Attorney Roberts to help you. Evictions must be done properly through the court. “Self help evictions” are illegal. Also,when an eviction is performed through the court with the help of an attorney, they are often completed without the need for a full trial. When there is a need to evict a tenant, the goal is to handle the matter quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to the business of renting that unit to a new worthy tenant.

Tenant Representation

Whether you have a lease or are a “month to month” tenant, you have certain rights. There are certain conditions of habitability that every landlord must follow. A landlord cannot lawfully evict you for forcing him or her to fix these problems. If you need help enforcing your habitability right, other rights contained in a lease, or if you are being wrongly evicted call Attorney Roberts for help.

I Can Help You:

If you are having a Landlord/Tenant matter that you cannot resolve yourself consider hiring me to handle it. I try to handle these matters efficiently to keep the costs low for my clients. I try to work these matters out for my client with negotiation, but when that is not possible, I will be ready to try your case. Give me a call and I would be pleased to talk to you about your landlord/tenant matter.