Education & School Law

Every child has the right to be provided an education. Most often schools do a good job handling this responsibility alone, although sometimes there is a need for outside intervention. This is where attorney Roberts may be able to assist you.

School Suspension & Expulsion Hearings

Students are suspended for a myriad of reasons. School administrators have little patience and tolerance for anything a student may have done which they feel was somehow inappropriate. Often times administrators do not spend the appropriate amount of time investigating a matter before they decide that a student acted in a manner deserving of a suspension or expulsion. We all understand that a suspension or expulsion can significantly impact a child’s future. Your child has a right to attend school and before they lose that right your child is entitled to due process of law. The longer the suspension the more your child has to lose and the more the student needs to fight for their rights. Schools are normally not forthcoming with this information, but you generally have a right to a hearing where you bring forward witnesses to fight the suspension or expulsion. Attorney Roberts has been successful in having suspensions overturned. Contact attorney Roberts to see if he can help your child.

Individualized Education Plans

A large percentage of children require an I.E.P. to help them succeed. Schools have limited resources and feel they they have to pick and choose what services they provide your child. The bottom line is that your child should receive what he or she needs regardless of what the school is voluntarily willing to provide. When you cannot get the school to provide what you know your child needs to succeed, contact an attorney. Sometimes an attorney can quickly solve the issue just by contacting a school department as they realize the parents are committed to ensuring their child gets what they deserve. When that does not work, an attorney can help you through a hearing process to challenge the sufficiency of what the school is providing. Attorney Roberts can assist you with this process.

Mistreatment of Your Child

As you may know, bullying laws are now in effect. Most schools are now receptive to a child’s complaints of bullying. This is not true for all schools. If your child is being mistreated by another student or a staff member, and the school appears to be taking it less than very seriously, you may want to hire an attorney to help. The education and safety of your children are the most important thing a parent can be concerned with. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Roberts.

I Can Help You:

Very few things are as important as the education of your children and the educational environment that they are exposed to at school. Your children are entitled to a proper education, and on occasion you need to remind a school of that through action. If your child is suspended or expelled contact me right away. Suspensions and expulsions in particular can have a huge impact on your child’s future. If you having any other problem with your child’s school that you cannot address alone take action. Please call me right away and I am happy to talk to you about any issue that you are having with your child’s school.