Child Support

Child support is often a major issue in a variety of Family Court matters. It is very important to make sure that a fair and just amount of child support is set by the court. Child support can arise out of a divorce, a paternity action or in many other circumstances.

Child Support Calculations

Child Support can be a complicated matter to deal with alone. In order for child support to be calculated, lengthy forms known as financial statements must be filled out. An attorney can be a great asset in assisting a parent in completing their financial statement. The court heavily relies on these documents in determining how much the non-custodial parent must pay the custodial parent.

Additional Expenses to Address

In addition to the mathematical child support calculation other expenses need to be addressed. For example: Who will pay any uninsured medical expenses of the children? Who will pay for extra-curricular activities? An attorney can help you decide what to try to negotiate for. An attorney can help you negotiate for things that you may not have thought of on your own. Attorney Roberts can help you fight for a just and fair amount of child support to be set.

Modifications of Child Support

Child support payments often need to be modified. Often times a child support amount set at one point in time can become an unfair amount of child support at a later date. This can happen due to a significant reduction in income by one of the parents.  Some common ways this occurs is by the loss of a job, a lengthy medical leave, orby  retirement. The child support amount can also become unjust if the income of one of the parents increases, due to getting a new higher paying job or a promotion. I Can Help You: I know that obtaining or modifying child support can feel like a difficult and cumbersome process. I can help you through it. Whether you’re trying to obtain child support as part of a divorce, trying to establish paternity to get child support from the father of your child, or modifying an existing child support amount that is no longer fair under the circumstances, I can help you. I truly care about the wellbeing of my clients and will work hard to help you. >—Marc D. Roberts, Esq.