Operating Under the Influence, (OUI)

In Massachusetts the “drunk driving” charge is called Operating Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor, OUI for short. Many jurisdictions call this charge Driving Under the Influence or DUI; some call it Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI. No matter what you call it, the charge is very serious. A charge from operating under the influence of alcohol can strike good people at any time. No one ever anticipates being charged with this offense before they go out for the evening, but when it strikes it can be a life changer.


Consequences for an OUI can be Severe

Just for being charged with an OUI/(DUI),there can be serious consequences. When you are charged with an OUI there are many consequences that most people do not know. This is true even on a First Offense OUI. For example there is an immediate period of license loss for failing a breathalyzer. If you fail to take a breathalyzer there is an even longer immediate loss of your license.

Additional Loss of Your Driver’s License

There are many additional ramifications if you are found guilty that you must try hard to defend against. If you are found guilty or receive a “continuation without a finding” there are additional license loss ramifications. Upon a conviction, and depending on the nature of the offense and how many prior offenses you have, you could lose your license to operate a motor vehicle anywhere from a number of weeks all the way up to a lifetime ban. Due to an OUI a Class A licenses can be taken forever. Ignition Interlock devices are required on second and subosquent offenses.

Additional Potential Penalties

There are many different potential penalties that can arise from an OUI. Depending on the specific offense, outpatient or inpatient treatment may be required as part of a disposition of your case. For example, expensive 14 day inpatient programs are mandatory for second offense disposition. For third offenses and beyond there is a mandatory committed jail sentence if you plead guilty or are found guilty after trial. Although not mandatory, a first offense OUI is punishable by up to two-and-one-half  years in the House of Correction! The prosecution takes these cases very seriously and so should you! You should start preparing to defend your Operating Under the Influence charge right away. The first thing you should do is contact an attorney experienced in defending OUI cases.

I Can Help You:

I am an experienced OUI Attorney. I started my career as an Assistant District Attorney where I prosecuted OUI’s on a consistent basis. I have been Defending OUI’s, related criminal charges, civil violations and DMV matters since 2006.

I take my job to defend my clients very seriously. I will spend the necessary time working on your case with you. No one can guarantee success, but my goal is to work hard on your case with you and for you so I can try to give you the best chance of obtaining a successful result. The prosecutor will be taking your case seriously and I suggest you hire a defense attorney who will do the same. I look forward to assisting you with your case.

 —Marc D. Roberts