Custody of the Children

When there are children involved in the relationship custody of the children is always an important issue. Child custody encompasses two distinct parts called legal custody and physical custody. A parent fighting for custody of the children must understand what custody truly is so they can make educated decisions on what to fight for.

Legal Custody

The first part or type of child custody is “legal custody”. Legal custody is the decision making ability for such important decisions such as where the child will attend school, what religion, if any, that the child will be exposed to, and other significant decisions for the child. Legal custody can often be “joint custody” between the parents, but that is not always the case.

Physical Custody

The second type of custody is “physical custody”. The parent who has physical custody will have the children live with him or her the majority of the time. It is possible to have "joint physical custody", but generally one parent will have physical custody and the other parent will have “visitation rights”. Custody of the children is decided on a number of criteria, but as with most every issue in Family Court, the guiding principle is what is in the best interest of the children.


Why Have an Attorney Represent You?

What is more important that the safety and happiness of your children? When you believe custody of the children will be in dispute you should have a lawyer on your side. If you believe the children would be better off living with you, it is something that you should address as soon as the decision to terminate the relationship is made. A family law attorney can assist you in bringing the important favorable facts out and disputing unfavorable false allegations. Family court can be stressful and having an attorney by your side to educate you on the system and the development of your case can be an enormous asset. When you are fighting for custody of your children, you need an attorney by your side. Attorney Roberts will help you fight for custody of your children and will be there to help you every step of the way.


I Can Help You:

I realize that nothing could be more important to you than your children. Most parents truly want what is best for their children, yet not all parents agree what is best. When children are involved in a divorce or when there is otherwise a custody dispute, your best decision is likely to hire an attorney. Family Court is almost always incredibly stressful, commonly confusing, and difficult to maneuver through. I would like to help guide you. If you hire me to represent you in your custody matter I will strive to get your point of view properly expressed to the judge. No one can guarantee success, but I can promise that I will fight hard to convince the court that you are the parent who should be raising your children.

—Marc D. Roberts, Esq.