Law Offices of Marc D. Roberts

Where your legal needs are handled from A to Z


Here at the Law Offices of Marc D. Roberts we take a client centered approach in everything we do. We treat you as an individual with individualized needs. We recognize that a correct approach for one client may not be the best route for another.

Each and every client will receive the attention from Attorney Roberts that they deserve. Attorney Roberts handles each and every case personally. Unlike many law firms that will shuffle your case from associate to associate, when you hire Attorney Roberts he will be the attorney drafting your legal work and appearing in court at your side.

We work hard to help you solve your legal problems and to stand by you when problems strike your life. We understand that most often a person is seeking out an attorney out of necessity. It often comes as an emergency such as an OUI (DUI). It can come from a tragedy such as an automobile accident. It could be after a long hard realization that it is time to seek a divorce. Whether you need an attorney because you:

- have been charged with a crime;
- have been arrested for operating under the influence;
- have been injured in an accident;
- need to fight for custody of your child;
- have to seek a divorce;
- have to obtain child support;
- need to address visitation of your children;
- need to fight a school suspension;
- have to obtain a proper individualized education plan for your child;
- need to handle an eviction; or
- if you just need some legal advice, we are here for our clients.

We realize we are nothing without our clients and we treat them very valuably. We truly try hard to assist our clients with all their legal matters from a to z.

I Can Help You:

I truly care about my clients. I want you to know that when you hire me you will have an advocate on your side who will care about you and your problem. I don't run my practice with television ads and billboards. I run my office by treating my clients well and by truly trying hard to help them with their legal problems in their time of need. My practice is fueled by client referrals not fancy advertising.

No attorney can guarantee success in any case, but I can promise that I will work hard for you, treat you with respect, return all of your calls in a prompt manner, and zealously represent your interests. Call and speak to me personally. I hope you give me the opportunity to try and help you.

—Marc D. Roberts, Esq.