Civil Litigation

Sometimes conflict is unavoidable. Although most people try to work out any issues that they have with others sometimes, you need the help of a lawyer. The term civil litigation covers an extremely wide area of the law.


Trial Lawyer

A smart lawyer and client will always explore the possibility of resolving a matter short of the lengthy trial process. For the matters that cannot be settled, you must be ready for trial. Attorney Roberts has tried civil cases in many courts throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He handles significant sum Superior Court cases as well as more moderate value District Court cases all the way through a jury trial.


Business to Business Litigation

If your business is owed money by another business, or is having a dispute with another business it is wise to bring in a lawyer. Often times a lawyer can resolve the matter without having to fully litigate the dispute. If, however the matter does need to be decided in a court of law, your business must be properly represented. If your business is a corporation, it must have an attorney represent it in court. If your company needs to recover money from another company, or if your company is being sued consider hiring Attorney Marc D. Roberts to represent your business. Doesn’t your company deserve zealous representation?


Law Suits Between Individuals

Sometimes a lawsuit can come from a property dispute with a neighbor or by being injured on someone else’s property. Whatever the case may be, when you have to bring an action against another individual you should have a lawyer fighting by your side. Attorney Roberts wants to be your lawyer.


Contract Disputes

If you have a contract with another person of business and they have materially breached your agreement, you can get a lawyer to assist you. This can arise in a number of ways, but is commonly found with residential construction contracts. If you feel the other party had breached the contract and that you have subsequently suffered a monetary loss, contact an attorney.


I Can Help You:

Countless events can cause the need for bringing a civil legal action. You can also be sued out of nowhere. When you want your side heard, I hope that you consider allowing me to be your voice. I have represented many individuals in a variety of civil litigation matters from person injury to, to contracts disputes to real estate related litigation. Before you try to go it alone, call me and let’s talk about how I may be able to help you.

—Marc D. Roberts, Esq.