There may be nothing more stressful in a person’s life than a divorce. After being committed to someone for so long, just the idea of a divorce can be terrifying. Often people wonder, "what will happen to me?" "Who will get the house?" "Who will care for the children?" "Will there be child support?" "Can I get alimony?" "Will I have to pay alimony?" Your attorney is there to help you with these questions.

Most divorces have the same key issues:

  1. Division of Property
  2. Custody of the Children
  3. Visitation of Children for Non-Custodial parent
  4. Child Support

Not every case will have all the above issues and some divorces will have the above issues and many more. Here at the Law Offices of Marc D. Roberts we understand that every case is different. We recognize that every client and their needs are different. Attorney Roberts fights hard for his divorce clients to help them try to obtain their goals. Attorney Roberts handles complete divorce matters that take you from pre-filing of a divorce all the way through the divorce hearings and final judgment. For many clients choosing this traditional type of full service representation is right for them. Attorney Roberts provides thorough representation with a true caring approach at reasonable rates.


Limited Assistance Representation

For some individuals less than full representation is desired. Sometimes due to financial constraints a client only wishes to have an attorney for part of the process. Sometimes a client feels that they can handle most of the procedures himself or herself and only wants an attorney to draft the paperwork. Sometimes a client wishes the attorney to appear only on a contempt motion or just for the initial court appearance for temporary orders. All of those are options under what is called "Limited Assistance Representation". If you would like to learn more about what limited representation in Family Court is and how Attorney Roberts could provide that for you, please contact Attorney Roberts. For many it is a great way to have the benefit of an Attorney for the parts of the process that you need them. It can be a great way to have an attorney but to save money in these very difficult financial times.


Having an Attorney Can Be Extremely Valuable

An attorney knows what information to gather. An attorney knows how to file the proper paperwork. An attorney knows the court process so you don't have to wonder if you're doing something right or wrong. An attorney can often help negotiate agreements for property distribution, child custody and visitation. An attorney can often help you settle your case to avoid a full contested trial.

An attorney can be even more valuable when there are serious contested issues. When you are fighting for custody of your children, shouldn't you have the help of an attorney? When you are fighting for your fair share of the marital property, shouldn't you have the assistance of an attorney?


I Can Help You:

There are few things as stressful as a divorce and as few things as important as the questions that are decided in a divorce. Decisions involving who will get the kids and who will get the house are just a couple of common issues that are decided. I can help you deal with all of the legal matters so you can concentrate on the other things that matter in your life. A divorce can be extremely difficult to handle alone. I am here to help you with it. I am a firm believer in working things out through negotiation whenever possible, but when negotiation fails, I will aggressively fight to try to get you what you deserve. If I am fortunate enough to get the opportunity to represent you, you will learn how strongly I will value you as a client. I hope you give me the opportunity to help you through your divorce.

—Marc D. Roberts, Esq.